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We may be living in a digital age, but communication via telephone and video is as vital as ever for conducting business and maintaining strong client and stakeholder relationships.

Depending on your distinct business circumstances, needs and goals, Data Express can tailor a solution to improve the way your business communicates, both internally and externally, while simultaneously saving you money.

Unified Communications Solution


By switching to a Unified Communications (UC) solution, you’ll ensure maximum uptime and performance, while avoiding the hassle and costs associated with having different phone systems at different locations.

With all your telephony needs managed through your data network, there’s no need to engage a separate telecommunications provider, saving your business time and allowing you to avoid the costs of making traditional local and international calls.

You’ll also avoid the need to install and maintain expensive, dedicated switching equipment and telephone lines.

Traditional Voice 

Let Data Express take over the management of your traditional on-premise voice service.

Working with top-tier vendors like Samsung and ShoreTel, our team will ensure the implementation of a higher quality telephony network, with minimal hardware upgrades required.

Save up to 15% on your telephony costs, and reduce administration by having a single provider manage this aspect of your business across each of your sites.

You’ll receive a regular, easy-to-understand graphical analysis, detailing all related costs and activities, providing complete visibility via in-depth metrics and intelligence that will enable informed decision making.

What’s more, our use of the Telstra Wholesale Switched Voice Network ensures we can reach any location at any time, because you don’t want to compromise on the reliability of your premium voice network.

24/7 Support 

What makes Data Express stand out from the crowd is our stringent commitment to customer service. If a network issue arises, simply pick up the phone and you’ll be talking to one of our Australia-based engineers within seconds.

We also offer leading service level agreements (SLAs) to all customers, so you can rest assured of an ongoing service of the highest quality.

Call us now to discover how Data Express can revolutionise the way your business communicates.

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