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As the demand on company networks to store ever-increasing amounts of critical data increases, the infrastructure supporting these networks needs to be as robust as possible.

Data Express is the proud owner and developer of a state-of-the-art, nation-wide fibre optic network, built specifically to help businesses maximise performance and productivity.



If you’re running SaaS or real time applications that are having performance challenges, or if you can’t measure or guarantee application performance across your network, then SD WAN is a great solution.

SD WAN de-couples services delivered to users and sites from the underlying physical network connections. By swapping out expensive WAN connections for lower-cost Internet and Ethernet services, you make the most of all your capacity at any given time, providing you with significant choice and flexibility within your networks.


Utilising multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), Data Express creates virtual private networks that form a flexible backbone to transport and route network traffic.

This creates secure, dedicated data connections between your sites and offices without using the internet.

Private WAN


As a business with multiple sites, communicating between these sites is critical. Downtime is costly. Data Express provide multi-carrier redundancy including 4G failover, which greatly reduces the chance of any outage.

If a problem occurs on one line, you always have a back up line to ensure connection is maintained.

Our private WAN is built on a national, MPLS backbone, creating secure, dedicated data connections between your sites using a private IP address scheme as opposed to a public one.

Business Grade Internet 

As the demand for businesses to utilise internet is rapidly evolving, enabling access to premium fibre will be a necessity.

Our business grade internet offers SLA’s, low latency, low jitter, high availability.

Data Express is our partner of choice.


“I feel the value Data Express provides makes them the best choice for our networking needs. Their agility and flexibility, reliability and dependability closely aligns with our core company values and work ethic.”

Michael Jenkins
Technical Specialist, Chemist Warehouse

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